12. Concluding Provisions

Article 187

The Minister of Labour shall take a decision establishing Labour Departments and offices vested with powers to implement this law and determine their areas of jurisdiction.


Article 188

The Directors of Labour Departments and Officials of the Inspection Section at the Ministry of Labour shall be vested with Judiciary capacity for the implementation of this Law, regulations, decisions and orders issued in execution thereof.


Article 189

Any provision inconsistent with the provisions of this Law is hereby repealed.


Article 190

Without prejudice to the cases under this Law regarding the exemption from fees, the Minister of Labour shall determine in a decision given by him the fees due for the issue of Labour recruitment offices licenses, employment visas, work permits, renewal and issue of copies thereof provided that such fee shall not exceed Dh. 500 (five hundred only).


Article 191

According to a proposal by the Minister of Labour and Social Affairs the Council of Ministry may issue rules which are more beneficial to national employees.


Article 192

The Ministry of Labour shall take the necessary decisions for the enforcement of the provisions of this law, and Ministers according to their areas of jurisdiction shall put such rules into effect.


Article 193

This Law shall be published in the Official Gazette and shall take effect sixty days after the date of its publication.